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Content of "\FastTraceRt\Types.vb"

''' <summary>The state class for one host.</summary>
Friend NotInheritable Class HostState

	''' <summary>The index (and thus display position) for this host.</summary>
	Friend Index As Integer

	''' <summary>The IP address for this host.</summary>
	Friend IP As String = "(unknown)"

	''' <summary>The host name if detected, or the IP address as string if no name was found.</summary>
	Friend Name As String = "(unknown)"

	''' <summary>The round trip time (ping) in milliseconds, Integer.MaxValue if timed out or Integer.MinValue if not set.</summary>
	Friend RTT As Integer = Integer.MinValue

	''' <summary>The ping result.</summary>
	Friend Result As System.Net.NetworkInformation.PingReply

	''' <summary>True if changes was made which are not already displayed.</summary>
	Friend IsDirty As Boolean

End Class