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Tool description

WebCompress is mostly not created by myself, it is only an application that combines 2 existing 3rd party tools. You can use it to optimize your own homepage.

The used tools are YUI Compressor from Yahoo (which compacts .js and .css files) and OptiPNG (to optimize .png file compression). Many thanks to the developers! Well nothing gets really compressed (like using 7zip or WinRAR). Instead only (for the browser) useless chars gets removed (like line breaks, indent) and .png files gets the best compression ratio possible. This helps you to improve the performance of your websites.

Usage: Simply launch the application or drag&drop a directory on it which you want to be compressed / optimized.

Please note: If you really want to optimize your website you should make use of CSS Sprites also, and use as few files (like .css, .js, images) as possible (to save roundtrip times). Most files can be merged together.

Also, this is only a small tool, so there is no support for it. Also don't expect a great user interface. It is only a console application.

Tool file(s)

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