Because you don't need to be big, rich and famous to create something great.

Tool description

Pack is a small tool I created to compress libraries to include them into my assemblies.

It compresses a single file using Deflate, GZip or LZMA (the 7zip algorythm).


Syntax: Pack [mode] [source] [target]

Mode can be:
    [+|-]GZ    for GZip
    [+|-]DF    for Deflate
    [+|-]LZ    for LZMA
    CMP        to compare the size of all above methods
               do not specify a target file if using this.
* [+|-] means if you want to compress use +, otherwise -
source: the source file to (de-)compress
target: the target file with the (de-)compressed content

    Packager +GZ MyLib.dll MyLib.gz
    Packager -LZ MyLib.lzm MyLib.dll

Please note this is only a small tool, so there is no support for it. Also don't expect a great user interface. It is only a console application.

Tool file(s)

Pack.exe68.096 Bytes