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Well, at least you read it. :)

Please read this license agreement very carefully. This license is used for each project, tool and source file published on this page; even for parts of it. This license shows you what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to.

After a very long time of thinking I have chosen to publish my software as open source. Basically for one reason only. It makes it possible for other people to fix bugs that I’ve missed, extend the application, such. But of course nothing works well without any rules.

Terms of use / License

The primary goal why I release my source code is that other people can fix bugs that I’ve missed or extend my applications or tools. Because I’ve chosen not to use any existing source platform (like google code, sourceforge, …) you need to send me your modifications. See contact information in the right box.

Anyway, I have received several feature requests that I don’t want to include, for example because they may confuse inexperienced users. But they are not bad. So you may create a modified version of my applications or tools with that feature added. If you want to do so, you need to keep the original application name and copyright (of course) but you need to add a suffix to it. For example: Shotty 2.1 Zoidberg Mod (assuming Zoidberg will be the name of your Mod).

If you want to use only parts of my applications (for example 1 or 2 classes) you need to add credits to your application. I do this as well if I use 3rd party software or source code.